About Dee Waddup Dog Walker Shrewsbury

Hello I’m Dee Waddup!

I’ve been working with dogs professionally for the past eight years starting out as a dog walker and day care assistant; I soon realised I wanted to know more, learn more and be better after adopting my first dog Buzz the husky x malamute. 

Buzz had a high prey drive, some resource guarding issues and a big dislike of having his feet touched often leading to biting. This guy really tested my abilities and my patience, but he has taught me so much and is a big reason why I got into dog training in the first place.

My first in person course was to become a qualified dog trainer; I wanted a practical course to get hands on experience rather than just theory so went with Wagga Wuffins Canine College.

After its successful completion I taught some puppy classes and  loose lead/recalworkshops but I’d caught the training bug and already booked myself on some Scentwork courses and other workshops.

Dee Waddup from Dees Dogz

A friend got me into Mantrailing and I loved it but more importantly both Buzz and Ursa loved it too. I soon realised trailing was great for all dogs, it’s fun and there are always new things to learn, becoming an instructor just seemed a logical decision.

After moving to Shrewsbury in 2020 I decided to focus my instructing into Mantrailing and Scent Detection. I do continue to complete dog
behaviour courses because I think it is important to maintain a good level of understanding, but it isn’t something I want to proactively teach.

2024 has some new things in the pipeline: I will be bringing Detection Dog Trials to Shrewsbury hosting some scent detection competitions and workshops in some cool venues.

As always I am continuing my professional development, this year with On Target K9 and a very exciting course with Ilkka Hormila from K9 ILMa Global Training.

If Scent Detection or Mantrailing sound interesting to you or you want to do something fun with your dog please do get in touch, I look forward to meeting you.

Meet my dogs!

Buzz the dog


Husky x Malamute
Fiercely independent but secretly loves a cuddle.
Excellent singing voice, superb swimmer, adventure explorer extraordinaire.

Ursa the dog


German Shepherd
Loyal and loving, but also a constant trip hazard.
Professional barker, guardian of the couch, perimeter patroller-level expert.

Puppy Quid


Kangaroo in disguise, zero capacity for personal space.
Toy hoarder, master of zippy zoomies, ninja of the night.



To leave your precious dogs in the care of somebody it has to be pretty special.

There is nobody else I would trust to look after Blue and Amber. They’re happy when I drop them off and the pictures and videos speak for themselves.

Great job Dee.

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