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Scent Detection

Dogs are made to sniff!

Nose work exercises your dogs mind and taps into their natural instincts, it is said that ten minutes of sniffing is more tiring than an hour’s run.

It is a low impact activity that not only provides a physical outlet but also activates your dog’s olfactory senses for an intense mental workout too. People are always amazed how relaxed and clam their dogs are after they have been searching.

All dogs can take part in nose work. The benefits include:

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Gives your dog a job so they don’t go self employed.

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Sniffing releases dopamine which makes our dogs feel good and also helps reduce anxiety.

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Suitable for puppies, adult dogs, older dogs, nervous dogs, dogs in recovery, antisocial dogs, blind or deaf dogs.

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Stimulates a hyperactive dog in a calming way to reduce energy and provide an appropriate outlet.

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A great way to share mental and physical exercise with your dog and build a happy relationship.

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Helps increase optimism through problem solving.

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Fun and easy to play anywhere, great for a rainy day.

Group Classes.

Group classes for all breeds and ages of dogs at any level. Ideal for nervous or reactive dogs as everyone takes it in turns so only one dog is out at once.

You do not need any previous training experience. Obedience is optional; for all those struggling with their dogs behaviour for whatever reason, maybe this is just what your dog needs.

What we will cover, although not limited to:

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Motivation to search

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Imprinting your dog onto odour

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Teaching an indication

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Work towards being competition ready - if you wish

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Searching areas and line up searches

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Understand how you as a handler can influence what your dog does and learn how you can improve this

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Recognising body language signals and reading your dog

How It Works

Weekly classes held (please see dates on booking page) at Hadnall Village Hall on Monday evenings from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Classes are pay as you go so you are able to book when suits you. However if you book 4 classes you receive a 10% discount. This is automatically applied at checkout, the 4 classes need to be taken within 6 weeks.

The hall is enclosed and only one dog works at once, however you will need a collar and/or harness and lead.

We will be using food or toys or both, please bring items with you that you know your dog likes and finds rewarding.

We aim to be all-inclusive so that dogs that may struggle in typical class settings can join in too. Please respect each other’s space and assume that someone else’s dog is not dog-friendly, therefore please do not allow your dog to approach them. 

Classes will be preparing you for future competitions and workshops held at more real life venues like farms, mills and stadiums. If you wish to get involved.

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dog scent detection Uffington Battlefield Shawbury
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“We took the scent detection course with Dee and Taffy our cocker spaniel loved it! Dee was very patient and clear in the instructions.

We learned lots of different ways to work with Taffy and tips on how to get the best out of the course.

We would definitely recommend and we hope to continue with Taffy’s progress.”

Our service covers the following areas:

Shrewsbury, Nesscliffe, Ford, Attingham, Bayston Hill, Cruckmeole, Battlefield & Shawbury.

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If you are interested in our services but are not quite sure if we are the right fit for you and your dog or need something a little more unique, please do get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you and try to fulfil your needs.