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Mantrailing teaches you and your dog how to use their incredible nose power to find a hiding person by picking up their scent and following the trail they left behind.

It is a low impact sport that not only provides a physical outlet but also activates your dog’s olfactory senses for an intense mental workout too. People are always amazed how relaxed and clam their dogs are after they have trailed.

All dogs are welcome, young or old, high energy jack in a boxes or cool cucumbers, reactive or nervous and this is because all dogs are worked one at a time and every trail can be tailored to you and your dog.

The Benefits

DD fav

Fun and social sport where you can meet likeminded people

DD fav

Build a great relationship with your dog

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Spend time outdoors and get that daily step count up

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Give your dog a job by harnessing their natural instincts

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Low impact meaning less pressure and impact on your dog’s joints

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Boost your dog’s confidence

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A physical and mental workout in one

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Get competitive by completing optional trailing assessments

If you are a complete beginner then join us on one of our Introduction courses, where you and your dog will both learn how to play the best game of hide and seek ever. If you have a puppy or think you would be better starting out on a one to one basis please do pop Dee a message.



“We attended Dee’s introduction to mantrailing course with our lab and GSD.

We had a great day and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed it, both were happily tired after. Dee was a great instructor and is obviously very passionate about what she does, very encouraging and patient.

We learnt a lot. She was also very understanding about our reactive GSD and made all the necessary adjustments for him to be able to enjoy it stress free.

Thank you Dee.

Highly recommend for any breeds/age.

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“Introduction to Mantrailing- An informative course, suitable for my reactive dog.

Coaching is tailored to the needs of you and your dog.

Highly recommend. Thanks Dee!

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